Need Beach Theme Wedding Favors?
They're Easy to Find

Together let's find those favors for your beach theme wedding shall we?

From shells to velum envelopes filled with colored sand, we are going on a hunt for the most innovative, authentic shoreline wedding theme table decorations and favors for your beach theme wedding.

You may think of wedding supply stores as the ultimate source for all things wedding, but lets put our heads together and come up with a treasure trove of beach theme wedding favors from some of the least expected places. Although we are not engaging our search on a thrift wagon, there is nothing inherently wrong with finding inexpensive gifts and decorations for your otherwise costly beach theme wedding.

What comes to mind when you think of combing the local beaches for artifacts? Do you think sand, shells, a bottle filled with a secret message perhaps? Bring these things home and think on the bounty for a day or two. Packaging, presentation and much more will come to mind.

Maybe this will be impossible due to the time of year, your location, or a time constraint but it is the most obvious source for table decor. A trip to the beach may inspire some additional thoughts on accouterment and design for your beach theme wedding day.

You are unable to go to the beach, yet your beach theme wedding must come to fruition. Where else can you go for such devises? Bath and body shops are wonderful places for beach theme wedding favors. You may find that the scented beach soaps and votive candles you use in your bathroom are ideal table favors for your guests.

The grocery store is yet another path to explore for beach theme goods. What comes to mind when you think water, sand, the smell of the ocean? I think of lobster. What if you were to buy a live lobster or two and put them in a temporary habitat where wedding guests could see them and what if after the wedding the happy couple were to set them free. The symbolism here is rich. The newlywed couple will begin their life together mindful of the intent to free each other's spirit during the course of the marriage.