A Destination Wedding in the Caribbean:
Make it a Dream, Not a Disaster

Caribbean destination weddings are fast becoming a big part of a trend this year. Many travel companies are concurring with this by gaining new hires and beefing up on their staff of wedding planners who are familiar with foreign marriage laws and customs.

Caribbean destination weddings can be a true delight if properly planned. Your guests can have the time of their life joining you and your soon-to-be spouse in your tropical paradise. This time can also become a stress filled financial burden that will not soon be forgotten if not handled correctly.

It's a common misconception to think that you can book, plan and coordinate the airfare, lodging and meals and ground travel of all of your guests for less money than you would pay to hire someone to arrange all of this for you. This is not the case. Companies who book airfare all year long have more clout from which to levy a better deal for your group. There are times when it is better to let the experts handle what they do best. This is one of those times. You would not want your Caribbean destination wedding to turn into a financial burden for years to come. Sometimes there are hidden costs that are not identified by the inexperienced traveler until it is time for check out.

You would not want your guests to have to fend for themselves and risk not finding lodging near the action, nor would you want to blindly navigate those ‘best possible deals' that the airlines, hotels, and rental services are offering you.

Many unadvertised packages are available for certain size groups which only a professional travel agent would have access to. Your wedding in the Caribbean may well be the easiest and least expensive way to tie the knot. There are many reasons why this is true. Mainland airfare is sometimes more expensive than traveling abroad and any party discounts apply to everyone who has come to this Caribbean destination wedding everywhere they go while on this vacation that you have provided them. Best Wishes!