Irish Wedding Rings: Discover the Legend and the Artistry

Irish wedding rings have long endured and with each generation of betrothed, the rich, colorful, and magical folklore of the Celtic peoples is celebrated. Metal smiths and jewelry makers who hand craft Irish wedding rings pass along the symbolism of deep loyalty, friendship and romantic love for the wearer to relish.

An Irish wedding ring that is most popular for inspiring these qualities in the wearer is the "Claddagh" design. The symbols are a crown atop a pair of hands which are caressing a heart. If this Irish wedding ring is worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward, the heart of the wearer is yet to be won. If worn on the right hand with the heart pointing inward, the wearer has once and for all time found his or her life partner.

Although there are only a handful of popular Irish wedding rings being hand crafted in Ireland; the Irish wedding rings' popularity and familiarity in these few designs will remain distinctive.

Beyond the popular Claddagh design are the knotted symbols listed below which are common design blends in the Irish wedding rings:

Solid gold, silver, or platinum Irish wedding bands are hand drawn, crafted and carved in Ireland. Each ring is a magnificent piece of heirloom jewelry to be handed down from generation to generation. Diamonds are a nice addition to the fine detail and craftsmanship of these bands.

Irish wedding rings are sought after by people from all around the world. Whether Irish is in your family tree or not, the romance and lure of this culture will mesmerize your senses when you see these fabulous Irish wedding rings.