Lake Tahoe Weddings: Why They're the
Most Popular in the US

Lake Tahoe weddings are the most popular in the United States. You've finally met Mr. or Ms. impossible. You've found the one you thought you would never find and now that you have, you can't live without them. Where you decide to marry should be equally wonderful. Would you like to find a place where weddings are the economic draw of the community yet the countryside is as pristine and unprovoked as any high country or backwoods resort? That someplace is wonderful and best of all it is not impossible to find.

Lake Tahoe spans parts of the boarders of four counties and sits between the two states of California and Nevada. Two thirds of the Lake are in California, the rest in Nevada. What makes Lake Tahoe weddings so special is the variety of outdoor activities and number of beautiful lodges and resorts located around the lake. This is truly a place for all seasons and all people.

If you wish to find something to do that has an authentic feel to it you may wish to take in a sweat lodge with some of the local Indian groups, or pan for gold just like the miners did back in the early days of the formation of Tahoe City in 1864. Lake Tahoe has been recognized as a resort area for more than 125 years, yet the waters remain crystal clear and vibrant with life even today. We can thank groups such as the Sierra Nevada Club and the Tahoe Park Association for its tireless work in sustaining the ecosystem for generations. Generations will continue to enjoy weddings in Lake Tahoe. Over 150,000 couples have taken their vows on the Reno Nevada side of the lake and this number continues to grow. There are romantic ski resorts open most of the year and lower in the lower elevations there is waterskiing in the summer and lake cruises.

Lake Tahoe wedding packages can be purchased that will accommodate groups of up to forty people at a time on complete wedding cruises. These cruises include the wedding ceremony, a one or two hour lake cruise and are quite reasonable. You will be well advised to explore the riches that are available in this area. It takes a lot to beat a wedding in Lake Tahoe.