Wedding Photo Albums: Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Memories

For most couples, wedding photo albums represent a visual reminder of their wedding day. As it holds such important memories, your wedding photo album should reflect your relationship and personalities. Why settle for the same photo album that everyone else has when you can make yours unique and different?

One way of creating a unique album that many couples are choosing today is making a DVD out of your photos, videos and other media. Imagine watching the pictures of your wedding roll by while you hear the first song that you danced to at your reception or the vows that you spoke during the ceremony. Include photos and memories from when you first met through your wedding day. A multi-media wedding album allows you to customize your album however you want and then you can make copies to share with friends and family. Industrious individuals can do it themselves or you can hire someone to do it for you.

Handmade wedding albums offer another alternative that can be individualized almost limitlessly. Scrapbooks have been the rage over the last few years and you can easily find background papers and other items to make your album special. You can choose the colors you want, the photos you want to include, and any embellishments that you want your album to have. Think outside the box when you're creating your album for non-picture items to include that tell the story of your relationship.

Don't want the hassle of doing the wedding album yourself? You can hire professionals who will create a personalized album for you. You may even know a scrapbooker or other artist who would be willing to do one for you. Include favorite poems, your vows, or other memories of each other to customize the album.

One of the aspects that can help your album stand apart is to choose an album that isn't the typically looking wedding album. Think about luxurious textures for the outside (or even on the pages themselves). If you are traveling somewhere on your honeymoon that may have different albums or materials, consider doing some shopping while you're there. That way, your wedding album will remind you not only of the wedding but your honeymoon destination as well.

You can also forego the traditional album and opt for putting your wedding photos in a non-traditional package or container. You'll want to be sure that your important photos are protected, but you could frame your photos in unique frames and hang them on a wall in your home or put them into an antique trunk where you could easily pick the frames out to look at.

With all the self-publishing avenues available, you can even turn your wedding photos into a coffee table book for yourself and your loved ones. Many photo shops offer the service and you can add both text and photos in various layouts. If you can, try creating one before buying a whole bunch to make sure that everything looks the way you want it to.

Wedding photo albums have come along way and you can create an album that reflects your personality and wedding style. Don't settle for a boring album. Whether you want a timeless look or a funky, artistic one, you can find a way to make it happen.