Wedding Poetry: Make Your Day Memorable

Wedding poetry can make your day even more special and memorable. The right poem can help you capture a romantic mood, say what you want to say in a beautiful verse, and bring a personal touch to the ceremonies. With so many great choices out there, you're sure to find a wedding poem that says just what you need it to say.

You can use wedding poetry in many different parts of your wedding. Some people include a favorite poem on the invitations or wedding program. You can use a poem for your vows or have someone recite a meaningful piece of poetry during your wedding. Another option is to include a wedding poem at your reception or on the thank you cards that you'll send out afterward.

With so many romantic poems out there, your biggest challenge will be picking the perfect one for your wedding. Many different books of poetry and online websites dedicated to romantic wedding poems exist for you to look through. You can also read through general poetry books for other options. Sometimes you can find a beautiful prayer or poem that isn't directly romantic but that speaks to you as a couple.

Some individuals prefer the romantic classics like Shakespeare's sonnets or Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The works will be instantly recognized as romantic and your guests may have their own personal attachment to the classic you choose, making it even more special. Others prefer lesser known romantic poems that will make them more personal to the two individuals getting married. Whatever type of poem you prefer, it should have meaning and be special for you as a couple.

If you can't find that perfect wedding poem, try creating your own. This will make the poem more memorable because it will come from your heart and be very personal to you. Don't feel like you can write one good enough? Jot down some of your ideas and hire a poet to write a poem just for you. It helps to find someone whose poetry you like so that you have a better chance of getting that perfect verse. Include personal details about how you met, characteristics, or other items that make the poem unique to you and your spouse to be.

Including wedding poetry in your wedding will up the romance and capture artistically the meaning that you want your wedding to have. What better way to share a favorite, meaningful poem with your friends and family? Regardless of where you include it, your guests will share in your feelings when you use wedding poetry on your big day.