Wedding Verses: Choosing the Right Ones
for Your Wedding

Wedding verses can make your invitations, programs, and wedding ceremony even more special. With the right verse, you can create the tone for your wedding and give it meanings that go beyond a regular ceremony to a religious experience. Choosing the right verse for your wedding doesn't have to be difficult if you put some time and thought into your decision.

You'll find books and websites that list many of the popular verses. These are great places to start looking for just the right wedding verse. You can also look for your own verses in your favorite poems, books, and songs. You'll find a plethora of options for you if you start to look around for verses to use.

If you're thinking about a Biblical verse, the Song of Solomon and the "love is kind" verses are often popular choices. You'll find these included in most lists and they are popular for a reason. The sentiments expressed in these verses suits a wedding and a commitment to love another. However, you can also find other options by using a Bible concordance and looking for what you want your verse to say. If you want to make a religious commitment to each other, using a Bible verse is a great way to give your wedding that extra meaning.

You might also choose to use a verse from your favorite poem. If you're not familiar with poetry, you might want to check out a few anthologies from your local library and read through them to get a sense of what you like. If a particular time period or poet stands out, you can investigate that pattern more thoroughly as you look for the right verse.

As you look for the right verse, think about what you want the verse to say to your loved one or to those attending your wedding about your relationship. For example, you might want to focus on verses that say something about love or marriage. You might also choose verses that express aspects like loyalty, affection, or commitment to each other.

Choosing the right wedding verses for your wedding doesn't have to be difficult if you take the time to think about what you want the verse to say and look in various places. Once you start looking, you'll probably find many options for what you want to say. When you've got a few possibilities, take some time and consider which one you like best. You can always incorporate several into your wedding ceremony or reception.