Do Your Weddings Reception Decorations Need Some Imagination?

You can have a unique weddings reception decoration if you concentrate a bit on this. There are plenty of ideas available. Many of the decorations found at weddings reception tables are lovely yet a bit uninspired. Companies that specialize in theme weddings are able to make a profit by mass production of whatever the theme decoration might be and then selling that to you for your own unique reception decorations.

I challenge you to take a step back from the status quo and create something uniquely you for that special day. Reception decorations and wedding favors are very similar. You will want to start out using what you have available. If you have rented a hall for the reception and that hall has large potted plants, why not decorate those potted plants with mini white lights? The white light look is festive for any theme wedding. As far as table favors go, you could have a green wedding reception decoration by giving out tree seedlings in small clay pots. The pots can be wrapped in colorful paper that matches your wedding colors.

Having a beach theme reception? What about using small gold fish bowls, filled with your wedding color rocks and a gold fish? If it is fall, you can make a mini Cornucopia for each place setting using a large waffle cone and fill it with candy, fruit and nuts.

Is the bride or groom a professional? Perhaps you will wish to incorporate the profession into the theme of the wedding reception decorations. Another route to explore might be using the theme of how the couple met to decorate the wedding reception. Let's say the happy couple met in an elevator on the way to work. You may consider using BARBIE elevators to position the figures of Barbie and Ken dressed in a wedding gown and tux. Creativity is the ticket when making your weddings reception decorations. Have fun!